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Adis K.


4 Startling Truths: Aliens – Divine Deities or Dark Deception?

The question of aliens has long fascinated and mystified humanity. From thrilling science fiction stories to purported real-world encounters, the presence and influence of these aliens remain a central theme in our culture. However, might these so-called extraterrestrial beings not hail from faraway galaxies but rather be ancient deities from bygone eras and alternate dimensions? ...

Adis K.

Tarot Card Reader

11 Critical Warnings About Witchcraft & Occult Practices

The realm of the supernatural has always captivated human curiosity. From tales of sorcerers wielding dark powers to modern-day practices like tarot readings and seances, the allure of the unknown is undeniable. But how does the Bible, one of the world’s most influential religious texts, view these practices? Witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and related activities appear ...