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Adis K.


8 Dark Secrets: Knowledge Manipulated by Historic Elites

For centuries, the narrative of enlightenment and the dissemination of knowledge has been selectively controlled by a powerful few. This article delves into the history of knowledge suppression by elites and its implications for the masses, exploring the methods and motives behind these controls. Historical Control Over Knowledge Throughout history, the flow of knowledge and ...

Adis K.

Jesuit Control

5 Alarming Insights into Jesuit Control: Distorted Science

Imagine if heliocentrism isn’t a groundbreaking scientific discovery but rather a crafted narrative under Jesuit control, constructed during the tumultuous period of the 17th century. Its aim? To counteract the revolutionary influence of the Protestant Reformation and the widespread access to information ushered in by the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. The ...

Adis K.

Propaganda Decoded: 7 Ways Manipulation Alters Reality

In the vast corridors of power, where whispers echo more loudly than public declarations, there lies a world rarely seen by the average individual. A world where the tools of persuasion aren’t merely words but finely crafted strategies designed to shape public thought and dictate global actions. From the hallowed chambers of the Vatican to ...

Adis K.

Roman Calendar Adis Reckons

The Roman Calendar’s Enchanting 12 Diety Ties To Today

Venturing into the Roman calendar, we unearth the profound legacies of Astarte and Mithra—esteemed deities from the Near East. Our exploration not only illuminates the traditions and narratives that influenced months named in their honour but also underscores how celebrations like Easter and Christmas echo these ancient traditions, rebranded for the modern world. Astarte: From ...