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Adis K.

10 Astonishing Supernatural Encounters That’ll Amaze You!

Throughout history, supernatural encounters have captivated and alarmed us. Many attest to divine experiences, while others share eerie tales of demonic confrontations. Such supernatural encounters, documented in religious and occult scriptures, highlight the enigmatic realm beyond ours. This exploration dives deep into these supernatural encounters, illuminating moments when the divine or the demonic manifested before ...

Adis K.

Tarot Cards & The Occult

5 Key Explorations into the New Age: Ancient Spiritual Practices in Modern Times

In the ever-evolving tapestry of human spirituality, practices once considered ancient have been rebranded, repackaged, and reintroduced to contemporary seekers. From the sacred rituals of ancestral tribes to today’s widespread fascination with the Law of Attraction, we observe a continuum of humanity’s quest to understand, influence, and connect with the unseen forces that govern existence. ...

Adis K.

Tarot Card Reader

11 Critical Warnings About Witchcraft & Occult Practices

The realm of the supernatural has always captivated human curiosity. From tales of sorcerers wielding dark powers to modern-day practices like tarot readings and seances, the allure of the unknown is undeniable. But how does the Bible, one of the world’s most influential religious texts, view these practices? Witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and related activities appear ...

Adis K.

Roman Calendar Adis Reckons

The Roman Calendar’s Enchanting 12 Diety Ties To Today

Venturing into the Roman calendar, we unearth the profound legacies of Astarte and Mithra—esteemed deities from the Near East. Our exploration not only illuminates the traditions and narratives that influenced months named in their honour but also underscores how celebrations like Easter and Christmas echo these ancient traditions, rebranded for the modern world. Astarte: From ...