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8 Dark Secrets: Knowledge Manipulated by Historic Elites

For centuries, the narrative of enlightenment and the dissemination of knowledge has been selectively controlled by a powerful few. This article delves into the history of knowledge suppression by elites and its implications for the masses, exploring the methods and motives behind these controls. Historical Control Over Knowledge Throughout history, the flow of knowledge and ...

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10 Astonishing Supernatural Encounters That’ll Amaze You!

Throughout history, supernatural encounters have captivated and alarmed us. Many attest to divine experiences, while others share eerie tales of demonic confrontations. Such supernatural encounters, documented in religious and occult scriptures, highlight the enigmatic realm beyond ours. This exploration dives deep into these supernatural encounters, illuminating moments when the divine or the demonic manifested before ...

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Yugoslav Mentality Tito Envisioned

Yugoslav Mentality: 5 Shocking Revelations from Unity to Betrayal

A unique socio-political framework marked the era of Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia. During his reign, the Yugoslav mentality prioritized pan-Yugoslavian unity, overriding the ethno-religious identities that had historically coloured the Balkan region. To comprehend the subsequent tumultuous disintegration of this unity post-Tito, we must scrutinize the prevailing attitudes towards religion, the emergence of nationalism, and ...

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Yugoslav Leaders

4 Yugoslav Leaders: Explosive Claims of Western Puppetry?

Yugoslavia, a federation that once epitomized unity in diversity, started to unravel. The rise of key leaders during this tumultuous period has been the subject of intense scrutiny and debate. Were these Yugoslav leaders simply the product of political evolution and ethnic divides, or was there a more calculated strategy behind their ascendancy? This article ...

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Quran’s Origins: 2 Titans of Islamic Wisdom Unveiled

The Quran, Islam’s cornerstone text, has been pivotal to the evolution of Islamic intellectualism. Esteemed figures in Islamic history, scholars like Abdullah ibn al-Mughira and Ubay ibn Ka’b, have profoundly impacted the Quranic understanding, shaping its study across generations. This article delves into their invaluable insights and enduring influence on Islamic academia. Abu Ubaid’s Quranic ...

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Roman Calendar Adis Reckons

The Roman Calendar’s Enchanting 12 Diety Ties To Today

Venturing into the Roman calendar, we unearth the profound legacies of Astarte and Mithra—esteemed deities from the Near East. Our exploration not only illuminates the traditions and narratives that influenced months named in their honour but also underscores how celebrations like Easter and Christmas echo these ancient traditions, rebranded for the modern world. Astarte: From ...