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4 Startling Truths: Aliens – Divine Deities or Dark Deception?

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The question of aliens has long fascinated and mystified humanity. From thrilling science fiction stories to purported real-world encounters, the presence and influence of these aliens remain a central theme in our culture. However, might these so-called extraterrestrial beings not hail from faraway galaxies but rather be ancient deities from bygone eras and alternate dimensions?

The Confluence of Occultism and Extraterrestrial Encounters

In the shadowed corners of history, there lies an intriguing overlap between occult practices and reported encounters with extraterrestrial entities. While mainstream discourse often places these phenomena in separate categories, a deeper dive into the annals of the past reveals startling intersections.

For instance, Jeffrey Epstein’s Babylonian temple on his private island stands as a modern testament to the secretive and often esoteric rituals of the elite. These secluded spaces, shielded from the public eye, have historically been hotbeds for rites and practices that call forth beings from other realms.

It’s crucial, then, to approach the topic with an open mind, understanding that just because certain practices and beliefs aren’t part of everyday conversations doesn’t negate their existence or influence among the upper echelons of society.

Aleister Crowley and the “Summoned Alien”

In the early 20th century, famed occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to have summoned a being named “Lam.” The description of this entity eerily resembled the common portrayal of the “Grey Alien” – large head, almond-shaped eyes, and slender body. Could there be a connection between the realm of the occult and these extraterrestrial beings?

Aliens as Interdimensional Entities

Drawing parallels between ancient rituals that summoned gods or spirits and modern-day accounts of alien encounters suggests these beings might not be extraterrestrial but interdimensional. Numerous cultures describe similar entities, which raises the question: are we dealing with extraterrestrial life or tapping into a parallel dimension where ancient deities reside?

Power, Control, and the Otherworldly Elite

Knowledge from the Beyond: A Path to Power

Throughout history, rulers and empires have sought knowledge and power, from the Greeks and Romans to today’s global elite. Some stories suggest these leaders gained otherworldly insights, not from scholarly pursuits but through interactions with these entities. By communing with these beings, they allegedly received information, tactics, and strategies that put them ahead, laying the foundation for dynasties and empires.

Modern Day: Suppressed Knowledge and Deceptive Narratives

With the establishment of powerful institutions – from banks to educational bodies – the elite have managed to shape narratives, including that of aliens. By painting them as beings from other galaxies, the actual nature of these entities – possibly spiritual or demonic – is concealed, keeping the masses in the dark.

Unmasking the True Nature of “Aliens”

Ancient Rituals: Summoning the Old Gods

Many ancient civilizations performed rituals to communicate or appease their deities. Whether it’s Apollo in Greece or Egyptian gods, these entities’ descriptions sometimes echo modern-day accounts of alien encounters. The consistent narrative across cultures and epochs suggests these aren’t just myths but encounters with interdimensional beings.

The Fusion of Pop Culture and Alien Phenomenon

The explosion of alien-themed movies, series, and literature may not be mere entertainment. Is it possible that this is a calculated move by those in power to embed a specific narrative about these entities further? By merging fact with fiction, it becomes increasingly challenging to separate reality from fabrication.

The Role of Propaganda in Shaping the Alien Narrative

The power of media, from films to news stories, cannot be underestimated in influencing public perception. When it comes to the depiction of aliens, a consistent narrative has been presented to the masses, with little variation over decades.

Hollywood’s Alien Agenda

From classics like “E.T.” to more modern films, the entertainment industry has consistently depicted extraterrestrial beings in a manner that both mystifies and draws sympathy. These portrayals ignite fascination and subtly enforce a worldview where aliens have misunderstood outsiders rather than possible manifestations of ancient deities.

Video Games and Cartoons: A Consistent Message

Video games and cartoons, targeting younger audiences, play their part by embedding the idea of space-faring aliens into impressionable minds. Over generations, this ensures a populace that, from childhood, sees extraterrestrials from the lens crafted by these media sources.

“Cover-Ups” and Conspiracies: Another Layer of Deception

Contrary to popular belief, government agencies, including the likes of CIA and NASA, might not be hiding the truth about aliens but might instead be behind the very propagation of the extraterrestrial narrative. The flurry of UFO sightings and alleged cover-ups, often treated as proof of extraterrestrial visits, could be misinformation campaigns to solidify the mainstream alien narrative further.

The Distraction Technique

By creating a compelling storyline of hidden truths and government conspiracies, attention is diverted from exploring the real nature of these beings – their possible connections to occult practices and ancient deities. The public remains engrossed in the cover-up rather than the true nature of the phenomenon.

In this carefully orchestrated play of misinformation, the lines between fiction and reality blur, ensuring that even if one were to encounter these entities, their understanding would be filtered through the lens of a narrative that has been fed to them since childhood.


While the concept of intergalactic visitors is compelling, the evidence might be pointing not to distant galaxies but to ancient rituals and interdimensional realms. By reframing our understanding of “aliens,” we might get closer to understanding our past and the unseen forces that have shaped human civilization’s trajectory.

Remember, while intriguing, this perspective blends various theories and beliefs. It’s always essential to approach such topics with an open mind and critical thinking.

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