Yugoslav Mentality Tito Envisioned

A unique socio-political framework marked the era of Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia. During his reign, the Yugoslav mentality prioritized pan-Yugoslavian unity, overriding the ethno-religious identities that had historically coloured the Balkan region. To comprehend the subsequent tumultuous disintegration of this unity post-Tito, we must scrutinize the prevailing attitudes towards religion, the emergence of nationalism, and … Read more

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Propaganda Decoded: 7 Ways Manipulation Alters Reality

Adis K.

In the vast corridors of power, where whispers echo more loudly than public declarations, there lies a world rarely seen by the average individual. A world where the tools of persuasion aren’t merely words but finely crafted strategies designed to shape public thought and dictate global actions. From the hallowed chambers of the Vatican to … Read more

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Tarot Cards & The Occult

5 Key Explorations into the New Age: Ancient Spiritual Practices in Modern Times

Adis K.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of human spirituality, practices once considered ancient have been rebranded, repackaged, and reintroduced to contemporary seekers. From the sacred rituals of ancestral tribes to today’s widespread fascination with the Law of Attraction, we observe a continuum of humanity’s quest to understand, influence, and connect with the unseen forces that govern existence. … Read more

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Jesuit Control

Knowledge Evolution

5 Alarming Insights into Jesuit Control: Distorted Science

Adis K.

Imagine if heliocentrism isn’t a groundbreaking scientific discovery but rather a crafted narrative under Jesuit control, constructed during the tumultuous period of the 17th century. Its aim? To counteract the revolutionary influence of the Protestant Reformation and the widespread access to information ushered in by the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. The … Read more

Christian Doctrine

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1st Century Christian Doctrine vs. Roman Alterations

Adis K.

The Christian doctrine has evolved over the millennia, with the Roman Catholic Church playing a pivotal role in shaping many beliefs and practices. This article explores the critical theological differences between the teachings of 1st-century Christianity taught by Jesus and the doctrines later developed and endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church. 1st Century Christian Doctrine … Read more